Friday, 21 January 2011

I don't want to gloat but...

okay, so I totally want to gloat,

out of the 17 matters that our 4 man (actually 2 guys 2 girls) team said "balls to the wall, run to trial" or "sue to death" on our last trials results report to the big boss/board/how awesome are we clients letter

we won 15 got 50% on another and lost one, and to be fair, we said to the client we would lose that one anyway

If you can stand not ever sleeping ever and constanlty wondering if your are second guessing yourself then litigation rapes transaction work every time.


  1. You clever little law man....well done! ;)

  2. Its verbal abuse to call compliments, "hassling". The devil tells the government,police and women to unremorsefully overreact childishly to compliments and to attack them with words, such as "do you know thats sexual pestering"? I "feel" "disrespected". Thats inappropriate and from Belial to utter such awful words.