Tuesday, 26 April 2011

South Park does Steve Jobs

You clueless spaz brained fcuks had better be kidding!

Dog owners could be forced to have a microchip implanted under their pet's skin under government plans to combat dangerous animals.

New-born puppies and dogs sold would have a chip inserted under the skin between their shoulder blades at a cost of about £35. Details would be placed on a national database acces- sible by police and the RSPCA. Microchips are already compulsory for owners who take their dogs abroad.
I don't even know where to begin with this shitt! The Government is supposed to be (or we are told it is) run by people who have a fcuking clue and at least, least! 2 fcuking brain cells to rub together.

I can see the thought process behind this "couple of kids got badly bitten and that piece of w@nk dangerous dogs act that we wriggled in the last time people were dumb enough to let the khunts and grandads party into power has predicatably done nothing and since we don't have any good ideas we'll go with another bad idea, cause this is how the government response flow chart works dontcherknow!"

So what we have is a pile of poorly trained dogs bought by thugs to use to intimidate people and some kids go play with these dogs at Uncle Scumbag's house and they get mauled by the mental thing and people are surprised and the plan to stop this is to make it illegal to not have your dog chipped and this will stop the people who happily buy illegal dogs from illegal breeders and then have act illegally for a bit of fun. Meanwhile anyone with a fcuking collie or labrador that they spent a ton on getting legit and training from a puppy gets fcuked in the arse for another £35 to have their dog chipped in case the damn breed brakes the habit of a millenia and goes wild.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Growling cape

I do like the I.T. Crowd

[Jen looks at small black box equipped with a single red LED light in the middle of the top side. Moss stands next to her.]

Jen: What is it?

Moss: This, Jen, is the Internet.

Jen: What?

Moss: That's right.

Jen: This is the Internet? [Moss nods] [suspiciously] the whole Internet?

Moss: Yep. I asked for a loan of it, so that you could use it in your speech.

Jen: It's so small...

Moss: That's one of the surprising things about it.

Jen: ...Hang on, it doesn't have any wires or anything...

Moss: [rolling his eyes] It's wireless!

Jen: Oh, yes, everything's wireless these days ,isnt it? So i can really use it in my speech? What if someone needs it?

Moss: Oh no, people will still be able to go online and everything; it'll still work.

Jen: Oh, good.

Moss: I tell you: you present this to the shareholders, and you'll get quite the response.

Jen: Can I touch it? [Moss nods; Jen picks the box up] Ooh, it's so light.

Moss: Of course it is, Jen! The internet doesn't weigh anything!

Jen: [laugh] No, no, of course it doesn't! [laugh]

[Roy enters the room]

Roy: (irritated) Hey! What is Jen doing with the Internet?

Jen: Moss said I could use it for my speech.

Roy: Are you insane? What if she drops it?

Jen: I won't drop it, I'll look after it!

Roy: No. No, no, no, no, Jen. [Takes the box back from Jen.] No, this needs to go straight back to Big Ben.

Jen: Big Ben?

Moss: Yep. It goes on top of Big Ben. That's where you get the best reception.

Jen: I promise I won't let anything happen to it.

Roy: No, Jen, I'm sorry. [Jen becomes woeful.] The Elders of the Internet would never stand for it.

Moss: Oh no, I spoke to the Elders of the Internet not one hour ago, I told them about Jen winning Employee of the Month, and they were so impressed, that they wanted to do whatever they could to help.

Jen: [supsciously] Wait a minute, the "Elders of the Internet"!? [shocked] The Elders of the Internet know who I am!? You've got to let me have it!

Roy: No, Jen, I'm sorry, it's just too risky!

Jen: Oh, please, Roy!

Roy: [resignedly] Well, Moss, has it been completely demagnetised?

Moss: By Stephen Hawking himself. [to Jen] He sends his congratulations, by the way.

Roy: Well, if it's okay with the Hawk...

Jen: So, can I have it?

Roy: You can.

[Roy and Moss dramatically give the box to Jen, reminding her to pick her speech up and carry the box carefully. As soon as she leaves the room, Roy and Moss dance happily]

(This actually reminds me of a conversation I had with a one time boss the White Book - I wouldn't have minded but it was in 2007)

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

On Freedom

Books won't stay banned.  They won't burn.  Ideas won't go to jail.  In the long run of history, the censor and the inquisitor have always lost.  The only weapon against bad ideas is better ideas

Alfred Whitney Griswold, New York Times, 24 February 1959

Three arguments for AV and against FPTP

1. AV gives MPs more legitimacy by requiring a higher level of support: the AV winner requires “more votes than the other candidates put together“. FPTP on the other hand allows your MP to be elected with a minority of votes, when majority of voters might positively disfavour the winner. (Technically, FPTP allows the Condorcet loser to win, AV does not.)

2. AV Encourages honest voting for truly preferred candidates: voters need have no fear that their vote will be wasted by giving it to a minority candidate; conversely, FPTP encourages dishonest, tactical voting. (Technically, tactical voting is possible in AV but it is problematic and risky. See this LSE paper.)

3. AV is a simple evolution of the familiar current FPTP system; it retains the constituency link, it is very similar to vote in (instead of X, you mark 1, 2, 3, …), it is very similar to count and won’t take much longer; it produces arguably equally decisive results nationally – no more likely to result in coalitions than FPTP. But it is a system that is better adapted to our multi-party electoral environment. FPTP really only works when the contest is two-way. See the IPPR report downloadable from here.

from poplarmark

Friday, 8 April 2011

Tits Are Awesome (Taa anybody? anyone? no? dammit when will I get a word in the dictionary!)

Submitted by 1 Trick Pony

Finally watched Wall Street right through

having had to sit through Wall Street 2 on a plane last week film 4 slaps Wall Street on, wooo, spooky conicidence. Anywhose, I struggle to sit through a lot of films, especially if the main character keeps shouting random outrageous lines, cause essentially I do much the same at work (more for comedy effect, unless I am threatening a wig jockey in which case I am serious about coming after them with an axe), where was I going with thid, oh yes, the point is I think what Wrath needs is a few Wall Street quotes thrown in for fun.

Gordon Gekko: [points at a bum and businessman] You gonna tell me the difference between this guy and that guy is luck?

On Litigation

A prince or general (or litigator?) can best demonstrate his genius by managing a campaign exactly to suit his objectives and his resources, doing neither too much nor too little.
Carl von Clausewitz (alternatively keep reading your translated and re translated trite and dumbed down Sun Tzu for CEOs or whatever they are selling it as these days)

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

On Liberty

“A library is an arsenal of liberty.”
Couldn't find the author, but never a truer word spoken