Tuesday, 26 April 2011

You clueless spaz brained fcuks had better be kidding!

Dog owners could be forced to have a microchip implanted under their pet's skin under government plans to combat dangerous animals.

New-born puppies and dogs sold would have a chip inserted under the skin between their shoulder blades at a cost of about £35. Details would be placed on a national database acces- sible by police and the RSPCA. Microchips are already compulsory for owners who take their dogs abroad.
I don't even know where to begin with this shitt! The Government is supposed to be (or we are told it is) run by people who have a fcuking clue and at least, least! 2 fcuking brain cells to rub together.

I can see the thought process behind this "couple of kids got badly bitten and that piece of w@nk dangerous dogs act that we wriggled in the last time people were dumb enough to let the khunts and grandads party into power has predicatably done nothing and since we don't have any good ideas we'll go with another bad idea, cause this is how the government response flow chart works dontcherknow!"

So what we have is a pile of poorly trained dogs bought by thugs to use to intimidate people and some kids go play with these dogs at Uncle Scumbag's house and they get mauled by the mental thing and people are surprised and the plan to stop this is to make it illegal to not have your dog chipped and this will stop the people who happily buy illegal dogs from illegal breeders and then have act illegally for a bit of fun. Meanwhile anyone with a fcuking collie or labrador that they spent a ton on getting legit and training from a puppy gets fcuked in the arse for another £35 to have their dog chipped in case the damn breed brakes the habit of a millenia and goes wild.

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