Tuesday, 8 February 2011

I am so sick of being told how to live my life

Apparently Ian Duncan Smith intends to state today that a married life is the best antidote to the celebrity self-obsessed culture we live in (according to politics.co.uk)

I am not married, I have lived with my girlfriend for about 10 years and being that I worked (okay fairly) hard at school and went to universities and got a job as a lawyer (indoors no heavy lifting granted) I get fcuk all from the government and cloned political parties that squat at the heart of power in the UK except contempt and tax bills. I'm a lawyer, I don't even get a begruding 'well done suing people'.

I have not convinced Lady Sumo to calf out some burdensome state subsidised sprogs and even when I was suddenly made redundant by virtue of an old boss wrecking the company and doing one, I managed to be out of work for a paltry 4 weeks.

I am therefore sick to my back teeth by the various dynasties that squat in Westminster, bleating their tired old message that I am bad because I am not married and oh, shouldn’t I get married. Instead of coming up with a solution for society’s ills (how about take a 2 year holiday and stop with the fcuking social engineering!) these Muppets are pinning their hopes on people having a bit of hassle to formalise a break up.

That’s it, Britain will be perfect. There will be no ‘celeb culture’, obviously this never existed pre 1980ish. The economy will flourish. Foreign investment will flow to useful endeavours instead of jacking up the housing market so that MPs can make a quick buck flipping houses. All implausibly off the back of anyone who has a long term girlfriend being bullied into paying the state for the privilege of you being together.

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