Tuesday, 8 March 2011

BBC hoplessly biased on internet pron*

(*pron so as web filters don't go nuts)

Desperate to fcuk things up for all and sundry Fat Jackboot Jackie suckles the state's teat by knocking out a truly abominable propaganda show for the BBC. That would be the taxpayer funded BBC which doesn't chase ratings, honest it doesn't honest (of course it blatantly does and churns out shitt)

From El Reg

The BBC was today accused of ignoring its own charter requirement to offer balance by coming down firmly on the side of opt-in in respect of internet pron regulation.

Speaking to The Register today, Jerry Barnett, Chairman of the Adult Industry Trade Association (AIT), said: "The documentary appears to have been a piece of pro-censorship propaganda, backed by the full establishment weight of the BBC, at a time when freedom of speech is under concerted attack from multiple directions, by our government and many others around the world.

"Smith also put her weight behind Ed Vaizey's current proposal that Internet connections should be delivered with pron access switched off by default, although adequate filtering capabilities already exist for any parent who is concerned about what their children watch.

"It seems that adding support to Vaizey was part of her agenda for the programme. This capability would be the government's first major step into censoring the British Internet, and is of huge concern to me from a civil liberties perspective rather than just from the industry's point-of-view."

Similar concerns were expressed by feminist pornographer Anna Span, who said: "Can Jacqui explain what is wrong with a simple 'opt out' system, which enables people to have a pron free internet, and also allows others to have the free internet that is not censored by any Government’s idea of 'tasteful' material, which is surely our right in a free society?"

She commented (in a text blasted out during the follow-up discussion): "Ask f-king jacqui why she failed to present any of the intelligent arguments presented by a female insider?! F-king agenda driven judas. And you can quote me on that. So angry"

At issue was whether the documentary provided any real insights into the pron industry, or whether it was no more than the pursuit of a personal agenda, with some help from the BBC.

At issue? I think fcuking not, the BBC has gone ratings chasing by getting a useless wonk who rightly got the boot for dodgy expenses to make a docu-rant about how bad and imoral the UK is and how only she, HMG and the interchangable carbon copy political parties of the UK can make a difference.

Nice to see she is still a khunt.

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