Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Dear Walker's Crisps,

Your crisps are really tasty. When will you be making a full bag?


  1. yo should try a different snack!

  2. Yet another sneaky con from a large money making corporation. Whilst Gary Linekar gets paid millions and (no doubt) a life time supply of Walkers, the rest of us are left short changed and disappointed.

    I plan to shag a post doctoral German man who knows about computers and sciency technical stuff, he will build me a series of super special crisp making machines. I'll get real people to eat my crisps and beam my adverts on to large screens all over the world. I shall be extremely successful and everyone will eat my amazingly tasty crisps with special secret ingredients added which nobody knows about except me and Jurgen. The real people will get their money's worth, for once. But instead of giving all my hard earned cash to those giant money grabbing cvntweasely financial institutions, i shall persuade a series of hot 19 year old Geography students to build me a giant underground vault somewhere in the world, with high tech security and special features and everything (when i think them up) I shall then move on to bigger and better things. The bank will be sorry. Very sorry indeed, as will Walkers- cheating, cunning, brand of crisps!!!