Sunday, 11 July 2010

Capitalists at Work notices on rushing Bank Lobbygeddon

Capitalists at Work is usually a really good site, sometimes a bit "Oh won't someone think of the city!" but on the whole pretty fair and balanced. 

They've picked up that the Banks appear to be gearing up to lobby hard against new government rules and regs hereI've snatched a snippet below but the whole site is well worth browsing.

- From the Telegraph: HSBC doesn't want to be broken up

- Osborne is praised for rebuffing the EC on banking regulation (and quite right too)

- RBS doesn't want to be thought of as socially useless (and we certainly can't move for NatWest 'Helpful Banking' ads these days, can we ?)

- The Indy suggests that Osborne has already been nobbled

- From the Observer: PWC worries (on behalf of whom, we wonder ?) that if banks are made to hold more risk capital we'll all suffer (this is a really juicy issue we shall certainly be coming back to)

- And from the Scotsman, this time it's the Scottish wing of PWC worrying that, errr, Scotland will suffer (thus proving that it's part of a coordinated lobbying campaign)

Now, if you are a "I think I know about business and the economy and shares and stuff cause I am a lawyer and I work in a big office and I buy but don't read the FT but really, I know fcuk all about anything not in a statute or covered on family guy and am too afraid to say" type person then you could do much worse than pop across and have a root through some of their stuff. 

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