Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Litigation culture is 'unfair' warns KPMG accounting head

From the Torygraph

Boo, Fcuking, hoo, for top accountants happy to charge a mint for near worthless auditors reports in the boom times who cry and moan when things go bad. Not withstanding that it is pretty hard to sue auditors in the first place. What the fcuk do you want Bill? The standard City tantrum of 'take all the credit and cash in a boom' say you were away during the boom when the bust you completely failed to notice creeping up rolls round?

Let's have a look at the legal sector.  UK law firms have gotten fat off the M&A boom and you didn't ring any  warning bells that firms were over-leveraged and utterly dependent on business that requires hot money to keep it going. You self entitled responsibility dodging khunts. 

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