Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Australia's Outback Could Get Web Via TV Antenna

from Discovery News

With much of the UK, for whatever bizarre reason, choseing to situate itself in the abominable countryside there is much hand wringing and bleating about how bumpkins can't get superhigh speed broadband and thus struggle to order their Netto shopping.

However, rather than spaff a wedge on running cables upto every remote 13th century dilapidated, should have been condemned but old automatically = good in the UK, farmhouse the Aussies (the fcuking 'you just landed in Sydney set your watch back 50 years' Aussies of all people!) have come up with this plan.

Researchers in Australia from the government science agency CSIRO have developed new technology that could achieve connection speeds to compete with the best: through the tangled piece of metal already attached to most roofs.

"The basic premise is if you get good high-quality analog television you should be able to get reliable high-speed communications," project leader Ian Oppermann said.

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