Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The BBC (Britains taxpayer funded media company) pisses money away on telling us what we already know?

The dumbing down at the BBC really gets on my tits, it's bad enough being arse raped with the threat of prison by the taxman to pay for the shitt they habitually crank out but when they think "hmmmm world of warcraft is releasing a further update lets have a hysteria filled half hour on gaming" then I literally think I will bust a nut.

The conclusion of panorama was that addiction is bad, the games industry should fund research (are you fcuking mental? what like the tobacco companies and surprisingly they found out smoking makes you live longer and should be encouraged?)

There is much sinister build up of the 'secret techniques used to snare you into playing!' except these secret techniques turn out to be rewards. Not gold bars shipped round to your house but your Master Chief in Halo gets a new cool Mohawk helmet. You have dread what they think of books and their sinister and deviant use of narrative that propels you to the next chapter, or the cliff-hanger that makes you stay up late to watch just one more episode of Lost or 24. Anything that makes you want more and relies on the tiniest bit of will power to say "no its 4am time for bed" is obviously pure evil according to UK state media.

And then it stumbles across the crux of the problem. This seems to be the same problem behind much western hand wringing about the state of society. Some random kid called Chris has a fit and kicks in his sister's door when his internet connection gets pulled thus preventing him playing online as an elf or some shitt. Okay. Kid has gotten withdrawal, is a moody little prick maybe a case for saying he's gone a bit violent (although it's about as weak a case as you could have) but this is followed up by his mother stating "that's when we realised games were dangerous"


This is a woman who has left her son unattended with no checking up to play in a fantasy world for 16 hours a day. This woman is a bad parent. The reporter, instead of nodding along in an "oh dear all TV is made for women better not upset target audience" fashion should have stopped her mid sentence and said "holy fcuk lady you are an awful parent! You abandoned your kid to suck on a surrogate robot nipple and now you want to blame it for him being upset you took robot mommy away?! Holy fcuk lady get a grip. YOU ARE A BAD PARENT! DON'T HAVE THE KID IF YOU CAN'T DO THE TIME!"

The whole shambolic mess, which coincides with massive student protests in the UK, financial crisis sweeping the EU, potential nuclear war in the Korean peninsula, just meanders through a half arsed attempt to pin societies illness of doing a half arsed job at raising children on entertainments and social media.

MCV sums up this appallingly bad "this is what you must think" investigation.

"People have addictive personalities. Said people can conceivably become addicted to games. As games become more popular that risk increases."

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