Friday, 12 August 2011

I don't know why you are confused by the riots/lootermageddon

This is really fcuking simple.

There was a protest on Saturday that got hijacked by scumbag kids, who did fcuk all at school and are now pissy that they have no opportunites despite living in a global employement hotspot, looking for an excuse to get in a fight with the police.

The equally odious Met who are quite happy to run in truncheons blazing when its 15 year olds angry about (education) taxation without representation decided 20 yeaqr old yobs with bricks are a whole different story and so 'contained' them and let them run riot in the contained area.

Having seen that you can loot as much stuff as you like and the cops will stand around doing nothing litterally every yob and vandal in London got in on the act. You might as well have said 'get your free stuff'. Also, because guns are largely banned or regulated to the point of a ban for anyone except criminals and state employees in the UK small business men, shopkeepers and the like, abandoned by the state they apparently pay because it's first duty is to protect them were unable to protect themselves and their worldly posession.

Having seen the 'lets get free stuff athon' in London Birmingham followed suit and a half arsed semi riot was mounted in Manchester too although, it was a bit quiet out to be called a proper riot if I'm honest and the Rangers fans did a much better job (to my shame) when they last popped by.

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