Tuesday, 9 August 2011

People in the UK need to stop venerating the government.

(stolen from the Obnoxio the Clown Blog here, so glad he's blogging again gives me something clever to pinch and shove on rollonfriday when there is a spazfight about whether blu labour or nu labour are worse, anywhose)

People in the UK need to stop venerating the government.

The government takes your money, spends it very badly on delivering things because it's just a way of hiding transfers of wealth from you to multi-national businesses. The government takes us to wars that we have no business fighting, leading us to be responsible for the deaths of thousands or millions of innocent people on the other side of the planet. The government sticks its nose in to things which are none of its business.

All these people who seem to equate society with the government are leading us down a very dangerous path.

Lazy journalists who attack businesses for being tax efficient because that starves the government implicitly seem to feel that the government deserves to have our money for whatever fucking nonsense they want to do next.

Cheerleaders for government spending ignore the fact that most government spending is simply transferring money from you and me into the hands of Accenture, Capita, ATOS, Cap Gemini, Capita, etc.

Stop being khunts and fucking think about what you're saying for a change.

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