Thursday, 8 September 2011

Perhaps we don't need a state to provide a court system?

via Lawyerwatch

lawyer watch picked up on Centre for Justice a while ago, thier site is here. It describes tiself as;

Centre for Justice is a new adjudication service fr public, business and government. The Centre adjudicates nearly all types of legal claim and dispute and is a modern, straightforward and effective alternative to the courts.
It appears that a claimant approaches the centre who assign an assessor to investigate the matter and then some sort of arbitration takes places (yes yes my views of arbitration are well recorded). The centre is a not for profit and (says it is) independent. I am interested to see how it progresses and whether the law Society will shitt a brick and try to have such activities banned or reserved to the good old guild of solicitors.

The Bar council might go for this because the kind of wig jockey who does not get instructed much often takes the view that he would make an amazing mediator (eh Jayers) and this sort of institution may provide an alternative career.

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