Friday, 2 April 2010

Dear Facebook

It's bad enough when you recommend repulsive, vacuous, fucks that I vaguely know through the Mrs or from the bad old days of the orphanage but when you start recommending fucking random knowns of knowns you are going too fucking far.

So let me be clear, I am an educated man, despite the best efforts of the malevolent forces which have ever dogged my steps and cannot bear to see a man get up off his fucking knees, I understand that the little search box in the top corner let's me 'search' for things, presumably on your name based website, for the names of people I might know. 

I am also, via the power of my own fucking mind, able to remember the names of the handful of people I am prepared to tolerate sharing oxygen with. Therefore there is literally no reason at all for you to constantly prod and push me to make friends with people, unless you have taken it upon yourself to cater only to the ultra moronic (which seems entirely possible) or you have again taken it upon yourself to be some sort of mother figure who insists you play nice with all the smelly kids you hate.

I suppose what I am really building to here is essentially to say FACEBOOK! GET FUCKED!


  1. Indeed - and also, why the fuck does it keep suggesting my ex as a friend? Here's an idea: if I want to be friends with someone, I will be. I do not need helpful hints or tips about how I should be making friends or with whom. If I am not someone's friend it probably means I do not like them. Facebook friend suggestion? Do cock right off, will you?