Wednesday, 28 April 2010

What would you do if you were the PM? (or President)

I’d love to spill a lot of specifics about free trade or habeus corpus, or the founding fathers, etc and the like but I’m really not that bright. All my reasons would be selfish ones – and rightfully so as it seems that a lot of other people don’t seem to give a shit about personal liberties. I’d like to have built my deck and studio without some local building inspector walking around my property like a prison search telling me that I need to have a smaller handrail on the stairs that children can grip – even though I hate children and wouldn’t let them in my house. I’d like to do mushrooms in Death Valley without the paranoia of federal park rangers killing my journey. I’d like to be a small business person without having to be a full-time accountant to appease the IRS. I’d like to wear shoes with laces in the airport. I could go on
Doug Stanhope

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