Monday, 31 May 2010

The stuff people can make

is pretty awe inspiring, the same scrap heap dwelling country morlock that shuns the rest of the world and lives in permanent fear that someone from the next village never mind the next country might turn up, is the same guy who with a little application and some reading can make one of these. 

It's difficult to comprehend the scale but essentially that's the back half of a 1200 ton Korean warship that that monster is hefting out of the sea. 

And then there is this stuff, okay, you have to factor in that the Japanese are a whole other magnitude of crazy, but a moonbase built by robots as a base for robots to work and explore. 
It's probably no accident both of these things are in a tiny corner of laser beam focused inventive hardworking Asia. Meanwhile in Europe and Europe's slightly more athletic children, I'm looking at you America and Canada, we're still fcuking around pretending that regional economies in the form of London or Paris or New York can juggle a bit of financial services and fool everyone into pretending they are national economies. 

We are so dumb. 

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