Saturday, 18 September 2010

How do you tell if a purported Libertarian is so full of shitt they could turn the Sahara into the Amazon

You ask them about immigration. 

What you should get back is "nonsense concept, no boarders and no passports is what I want, free movement of people!" 

what you tend to get back is "I would like there to be no boarders or passports but" and they you get a frothing rant that anyone who tips up in the UK just goes round the home office and gets some cash, no NI number, no need for an address, no need for bank accounts which have been verified and scrutinised under the Money Laundering Regs. Which of course translates to anyone listening as "I want to go anywhere and suffer no inconvenience but I'm fcuked if some brown people are moving in nextdoor to me, doing jobs cheaper than the locals and thus oiling the gears of the freemarket!"

Or you get some variation of that, some bullshitt about infrastructure, the poor infrastructure won't cope! Think of the school overcrowding and the Police and all the public services struggling under the strain of hordes of people suddenly using them. Which gets zero sympathy from me because it's usually some dick with 3 kids whining this line and what that translates to in my head is "You, guy with no kids, you need to pay for the infrastructure to support my breeding, my 3 kids are going to use the schools and crank call the cops and fire-brigade and all my fcukin rah rah rah mates will do the same but there damn sure better not be anyone with a bit of an accent using them cause that, that would be theft, from you, guy with no kids, you need sub us"

It's bullshitt, it doesn't matter how people get into the country, across the border or out of your mrs slack vage at least show some fcuking  consistency and then we might not be fighting an uphill battle against the statists who can quite rightly shout 'racist and sink any discussion'

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