Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Sir Paul Stephenson in 'Police are entitled to be thugs and exempt from the law' non shocker

From the Solicitor's Journal

Sir Paul Stephenson, commissioner of the Met, has been accused of delivering a “distraction punch” after it emerged that he had privately lobbied home secretary Theresa May to make it harder for people to sue the police.

No surprise there, Cheif of the Met running to the Home Seccie to beg for a get out when his useless thuggish officers club innocent people to death.

Jules Carey, partner in the police team at national firm Tuckers said “With his budget under threat, this private lobbying of the home secretary is a high visibility attempt to divert attention away from his more vulnerable areas of expenditure and to a favourite national bogeyman and alleged cost driver – the fat cat lawyer.”

Carey said the annual cost to the Met of all lawyers representing claimants was approximately £1.6m a year, compared to the £6m a year the Met spent on its own lawyers.
Here we go the Met spends almost 4 times more defending it's shocking abuse of power than those who have been on the recieving end of a thug in a high vis coat? But of course it's not the Met's fault, poor Met, feel sorry for the Met.

Carey said questions should also be asked about the directorate of professional standards, responsible for investigating complaints against police officers. He said that of the 10,849 complaints lodged against the Met last year, only 152 were upheld.

0.1% of the 30 complaints a day against the Met have been upheld? And this fcuktard thinks he should be exempt from civil actions because it's too expensive for him?

NWA were right on.

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