Wednesday, 10 March 2010

From Boatang & Demetriou - a rant about how the Mail Khunt's everything up

It is important to add here, that just because the left have tried to codify and dominate the human rights debate over recent years, and just because the EU has a strong hand over the debate, does not mean that human rights don't exist, or that they are left wing or silly. Who the fuck do the Mail think they are, exactly? Would they happily see rights and freedoms abolished, simply because they are championed by foreigners, or blacks, or people with a past, or some other 'undesirable' group?

When are freedoms good? When they are freedoms championed by middle aged, greying, hedge-trimming grumpy old white blokes from the Burbs who drive Merc A classes and read a paper that happens to be owned by the Rothmere clan?

The article, besides its ill-founded and ill-conceived assault on libertarian freedoms, is not just a load of pompous authoritarian bullshit, it is disseminating, disingenuous wank of the highest, stickiest order and it really fucking pisses me off.

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