Saturday, 13 March 2010

Not only do cops & local authorities hate fun but now they also hate cheese

Bring forth the tar and feathers!

Seek the nearest improvised gibbet!

A centuries-old cheese rolling contest has fallen victim to health and safety — but not because of the broken bones and dozens of other injuries sustained each year.

Organisers of Gloucestershire’s annual competition have cancelled the event due to be held on May 31 because of concerns raised by the police and local authority over traffic and crowd control.

Alright, granted the reason it's been cancelled is that it's turned from a small local mental fest to a major event drawing (last year) 15,000 spectators.
But that's no reason to waste some spare indignation by proxy and rantyness, is it?
Fun hating fucks! I'll find my own hill and you won't be invited!

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  1. You find a hill, ill bring the cheese,Baby Bell OK?