Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Best way out of a recession is to make people dumber says scum licking evil prick extraordinare Mandy

The BBC is droning this fair freezing morn (here) about the plan to cut university funding by £533 million or roughly 1/2 a Billion quid.(although it seems to have changed to £398 million now?)

Now there is general mad notion in the UK that more people being better educated is somehow a bad plan. 50% of people with degrees? why would you want that? won't they just be able to work in topshop or down the mines that we don't have or in the match stick factories that we don't have or some similar fucking nonsensical whimsy!


Fucking Japan, the tiny island nation in the arse end of nowhere which miraculously still makes things and invents or improves nearly everything it touches has about 75.9% of high school graduates attend a university, junior college, trade school, or other post-secondary institution.

Can't have that can we, don't want smart people that might not be happy just dying a slow death of X Factor brain cancer. Don't want a country full of people who actually aspire instead of being convinced that their shit hole estate is normal and the best they can ever have


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