Thursday, 3 December 2009

Feminism Destroys Families!, ooh the poor families, we all have to get on our fucking knees and spread our cheeks for the brood mothers!

I hate feminism but fcuk me I am sick to the back teeth of people bleating about how everything should be about family

I do not take my fcuking cue in life from peggie mitchel in eastenders!

families are shitt, they cause all kinds of stupid unnecessary problems and expense, we should be fining people who have families not encouraging them

jeebus fcuking horatio bob christ I feel like I'm taking crazy pills! does nobody else see this!

have you seen the people that breed? the shambling morlocks with a fat kid bouncing along the pavement being dragged by the umbilical chord?

or the neurotic ones that had to have a £3000 buggashit pushchair that they can't steer or get to fold up and have called their kid Lemon Rind cause they always liked that back when they were an overindulged kid who spent way too long pretending to be an insipid fairy princess!



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