Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Pre Budget Report Predictions

bankers to continue whining like the miners that they will go out of business if they do what the HMG shareholders want (maybe don't get nationalised in the first place!)

101% tax on anyone not an MP and earning more than £5 a year

money for families, especially the ones that have 18 kids already prowling the streets and feeding on grannies

money for grannies to buy tasers

anyone who had the audacity to slog through higher education, has not got married, is not part of a special interest lobby group and actually works is to grab their ankles again and please not move out of the UK first chance they get as they are the only people keeping the festering shitt hole afloat

more cash for the 3rd world in case it sinks, the maldives in particular where the president wants cash cause the sea level is going to rise by 8 metres, which is actually impossible and does not take into account the 20cm it dropped in the 70s or the 50cm it was higher than it is now in the 1600s when people seemed to do just fine

plenty cash for David Lammy's plan to reintroduce slavery

extra cash for MOD bonuses, equipment to be cut and an island nation utterly dependant on it's navy for defence to have it's navy cut

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