Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Litigation - why it is fun and murder at the same time

I'm a litigator, not a fancy smart lawyer who advises on multi million pound acquisitions and cross border tax liabilities or the most devious way to structure a group of companies. It's my niche, hopping in the murky shitty trenches and butting heads with like minded souls for a few pitiful pounds from clients who don't really understand what their argument was about in the first place but were damned if they were giving into the other side.

Now, by far the best and the worst thing about the job is the stress. You stop sleeping, spend all your time running battle plans and strategies over in your head, you second guess yourself 20 times a day, you damn near pull your hair out because someone else (or if a company potentially hundred of someone elses) livelihood reputation and ability to make money is on the line. It eats away at you and some people go mad, get burn out and go off to sell cakes online.

But when you win, or even when you feel the balance shifting in your favour then it is the best thing ever. You've fixed something for someone all the nightmares fade and you just feel good. For all of 5 minutes until the next disaster lands on your desk.

But it is so worth it.


  1. Yo Sumo,that sounds very similar to being a political ¨party¨ leader,agonising is there enough to drink and eat,what music to play,dress codes,who to invite and who not to,location,and to top all that off there`s policies to worry about..HA..you think you got pressures.

  2. you want to try sorting out the baliffs to kick in some poor bugger's door and value their carpets on the week before christmas

    bluddy work shy buggers!