Sunday, 20 December 2009

The structure of Law Firms

The structure of law firms is simple, the longer you've been there the more stuff you get to fuck up. So a trainee who's been there 12 months can only fuck up the photocopying where as a Partner who has been there 40 years and got the job of hiring partner because nobody else wanted it and he was off the day of the "who will we make hiring partner" vote can fuck up the entire morale of the firm, the perception in the press and the prospect of ever again hiring anyone who doesn't want to be treated like shit if another recession ever again looms.

Take DLA for example, the Lawyer reports that they are onto yet another set of redundancies out in Dubai;

DLA Piper has announced yet another round of job cuts, with nine per cent of its Middle East staff set for the chop

Of course this comes after the spectacular own goal of the alleged minutes of a redundancy meeting being leaked and turning up on Rollonfriday, which I can find but are alluded to still on legal week. Bizarrely Rollonfriday seems to be having a news blackout on the Dubai redundancy program which is rather odd for a site that is essentially supposed to be a legal news website.

And Eversheds chronic thrashing around which ultimately resulted in 4 rounds of redundancies looked like something an 8 year old with just and abacus and piece of graph paper could have handled better.

So essentially the sooner the management model for firms changes the fucking better.

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