Friday, 8 January 2010

But what is America?

America is the name of the world's largest fast food restaurant. Covering about 40% of the North American continent (and constituting the sole part of it that is cared about), it is known primarily for its greasy food.

The eponymous main course of the fast food restaurant, known officially as the "Delicious Melting Pot of Freedom" and colloquially as eponymous to the restaurant, contains many diverse ingredients that are thrown into one pot, melted, smothered in olive oil, and placed between two slightly damp hamburger buns. The resulting fondue is considered by many to be delicious at first, before deteriorating quickly into bitterness. America also serves a lesspopular "America Salad" that uses the same ingredients, but preserves them in their natural state. Most dislike this dish due to its being "too different", upsetting the homeostasis of the body.

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