Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Fuck You, Fuck You and your stupid school too say Students

In a move that must be horrifying the assembled masses of wonkdom students, essentially school kids, who have been taught for years to kowtow to the bell and to do what they are told right down to what fucking haircut they can have kicked off a rebellion/hate campaign via Facebook.

It would appear that after studying a nice narrow biology course they were unprepared for the random subjects that the qualifications authority set the exam on.

I've been through this sort of shit and I can tell them that no matter how much, yeah, we'll take these circs into account gets spouted, there is absolutely no way that the grey rules obsessed fuck stains moonlighting from the NUT will deviate from their marking plan.

Essentially therefore, if you were planning a career biology related then you're fucked.

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