Sunday, 10 January 2010

She's a smart girl

The Mrs is an uber smart scientist. MSC in shit that I tried 4 times to type but still doesn't look right. She reckons there are numbers bigger than 45 Billion, the largest number known to science. She has spreadsheets of household expenditure which she fucking trends!

Bearing all that in mind, why the holy cunting fuck is she watching celebrity big brother?

I can hear her wittering randomly "who is that, is that Ivana trump? she looks good for 90", "Oooh that Heidi Fleiss looks dog rough, missing her drugs no doubt", "Awwww Basehunter realy loves that blonde one", "I need to buy some lady Sovereign, she seems lovely"


and after this, she'll turn over to fucking dancing on ice!

-horrific update "ooh they're snogging! they're snogging! basehunter and katija are snogging! come see, come see"-


  1. Heh.

    Normally i would say "Give the woman a break" but CBB?! No bluddy way!

  2. I know this is probably of no comfirt to you, but I am also hooked. I also point and shout and call Mr MJJ to the TV to see random acts of pointlessness performed by nonentities and yesterday's stars. I love it. I don't why, I just do.

    I draw the line at any of the dancing crap or the X Factor though. You have to draw the line somewhere, even if you're me.

  3. the revolution in video editing that makes these terrible shows possible has a lot to answer for