Tuesday, 16 February 2010

AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! Why are people so dumb! why, why are you dumb! what the fuck is wrong with you!

The latest thing to spark this all too increasingly often fit of screaming is THIS, the shiny new Pink Ouija board for girls complete with snazzy carry case.

Now first off there are some issues in itself in selling a supposed tool to contact the dead to children. But the real issue is the backlash from the moronic desperate to live in a fantasy spirit world, where they can change things without effort or work or struggle for one where waving a fucking lump of quartz or shuffling some cards will bring them success, boobs happiness boobs, wealth boobs and boobs.

Just look at the reactions to this bluddy nonsense from indignant Occult Blogger

Whether or not the kids know how to use it, the Ouija board was developed on many years of learning what worked best with spirits from trial and error to make a spirit communication tool.. What would they think, now knowing it is seen like a toy or a joke..?

Oh, yeah, it's clearly Hasbro taking a power drill and giving it to some kids. No you fucking idiot! It's a twisted version of scrabble.

But then you have this hand wringing doomsday scenario, from Catholic Dialogue

This is very alarming. LifeSiteNews.com reports that Hasbro has produced a Ouija board for kids that is being sold at Toys R Us stores.

Ouija boards, like all forms of occult, expose the soul to demons. This is no laughing matter. This is dead serious and it must be stopped. Please join the boycott of Hasbro.

So, just to clear up this soul (ha, you see what I did) find the Derren Brown Seance, 4OD or youtube must have it, watch it and see why it is all bollocks and yet another crutch for the moronic.


If you don't want your kids to have a Ouija board, either because you are a nut who thinks they will summon some sort of Demonic presence or because you are me and cannot abide to see children have fun if it is with something that encourages them to become criminally stupid, THEN DON'T FUCKING BUY THEM IT YOU STUPID FUCKS! YOU ARE A PARENT YOU HAVE THE CASH AND YOU SET THE RULES FOR FUCK SAKE GROW A FUCKING SPINE!


  1. It may be wise to have the contact details of the local priest/vicar etc close at hand....just in case the little mites are victims of a demonic possession.

  2. yeah

    the crime figures usually fail to show the ever increasing incidence demonic possession, which is of course the underlying cause of anti social behaviour