Tuesday, 9 February 2010

You think?

Nick Hardwick, the head of the Independent Police Complaints Commission, said the greatest threat to the reputation of the police service was “criminals in uniform like Dizaei”.
I suspect that the emphasis is on 'like Dizaei' and essentially means "who try to claim the Met are a bunch of cunts", rather than on 'criminals' which would include the protected fuckers who gunned down Jean Charles De Menezes, released a load of bollocks 'anonymous, a senior police source said' De Menezes was carrying a minigun and screaming "slaughter the orphans" and massaged evidence of what had actually happened.

Or the disgusting shielded fucks that battered news paper seller Ian Tomlinson to death for having the audacity to walk home.

and people wonder why I am so angry.

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