Monday, 15 February 2010

Broken Britain has 54% of teenage girls pregnant before 18!


It 1, it isn't broken (although possibly broke though) and 2, Britain doesn't have 54% of girls getting knocked up before 18. You'd think such a statistic would probably be quite noticeable from simply looking at the number of prams being pushed round the playground. From the New Statesman here.

In fact, the DCSF figures show that in the areas concerned, 54.32 per 1000 women aged 15-17 years old fell pregnant, which gives us a figure of 5.4 per cent, not 54 per cent.
Which is genius and means that both, the great election winning strategic brain of George Osborne (I recall much the same being said of Gordon Brown 20 years ago) is only a great strategic brain when compared to politicians, i.e. struggles to hold up to scrutiny from a 5 year old and, that the Tories, can't actually count.

This was clearly more cock-up than conspiracy: someone at CCHQ left a decimal point out. But what's more extraordinary is that no one sounded the alarm and pointed out that, regardless of your maths ability, 54 per cent is not a plausible figure. The fact the figure was repeated three times makes this failure even more remarkable.
Ultimately this means that Nu Labour and Yellow Labour, sorry, the Lib Dems can happily proclaim that nothing is wrong with the UK under the mad erosion of responsibility and rights and that the vastly exaggerated negative campaigning of Blue Labour, sorry, the Tory's is a made up cut and paste of Blade Runner rather than the reality of a country that needs to stop and think how to get rid of the baby boomers and how it goes forward and gets rich by selling a ton of crap to Chinese and Indian folk what currently have nowt.

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