Thursday, 11 February 2010

The EU is a Superstate (vague attempt at uncontroversial seriousness)

For a fuck of a a long time people have been kidding themselves that this was not either going to happen or had happened. On the right there was some notion that a bit of UKIP flag waving would keep integration at bay and on the left there was a notion that integration somehow didn't mean that a huge federal country was being birthed.

I'm not entirely sure where I stand on this, being Scottish I don't really see how a merrily federal UK can argue against a federal EU, it's really just a bigger even shitter Westminster, and it always sounds like big fish arguing about keeping a small pond to play king in.

On the other hand, the EU has grown up through dodgy political deals, backhanders, corruption that would make a Sicilian Grandmother blush and stop gap creaking make do provisions.

The point I am slowly trudging towards is that today, we have the EU president essentially coming out and saying the Greek debt = EU debt and the EU will back it up.

What we need is to stop hoping that ear muffs and loudly singing will make the EU go away and instead do what we should have been doing 30 years ago and trying to forge a very loose version of America, the sort of America envisaged when the colonies got together and begrudgingly formed a federal government which quickly became a monster.

What Britain needs is going into the next election is someone who can turn the UK into the powerhouse of the EU, with (spits) London as the New York.

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