Monday, 8 February 2010

Yes, the legal aid budget is cunted

we know

It's because of the never ending traipse of Quangos and MOJ muppets, the same muppets who think that having 3 regulators/shit unions instead of 1 regulator/shit union is somehow deregulation and will magically open up the last inbred fucking guild in the land to be milked dry and off shored sharpish.

However, it does not follow that where someone is being paid 1 million that they are automatically not value for money. I am painfully aware that plans are afoot to force any decent legal representation out of the criminal courts so the the MOJ's money saving wheeze of dumping advocacy on the in house CPS in the hopes that miraculously paying people fuck all and giving them more work will get politically advantageous results. However that does not justify the implication that legal aid providers should be scouring around for the cheapest least likely to succeed baby wig jockey going.

Unless of course the goal is not to provide jusitce, fair trials, assistance to the people caught up in the Police Target Reign of Terror afflicting the UK and just to massage the crime stats to look like even more people are going on a state sponsored holiday to an over crowded, drug infested, useless waste of a jail.

Hmmm, I fucking wonder.

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