Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Why the Fuck do people persist in being mental!

Leech therapy, the sticking of blood sucking slugs to yourself (or other people if you have a bit of a minor Vore porn fetish I suppose), is apparently enjoying a resurgence. Sky News merrily trumpets the horror here.
Leeches are swelling in popularity both medically and cosmetically with big-name enthusiasts from the likes of Demi Moore who recently had leeches suck her blood in the name of detox therapy.
A fucked up hollywood, "I'm so dumb I will believe anything a nutter in hemp skirt sells me" fad I could understand but the tag to this story is Leeches Pump Fresh Blood Into Russian Economy. Granted the chance for such a shameless pun is too good to miss, but really? Sky's running a story about oil, gas and mafia mega exporter Russia somehow relying on resurgent fucking slug farms to drag it out of the economic stone age?

Thank fuck for shock therapy eh if this is what it has left us with?

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