Wednesday, 18 November 2009

How to Start Your Own Street Gang

Things You'll Need:

1. homies
2. a lot of time on your hands
3. a job ... just kidding


Step 1. Find a few friends that have a lot of time on their hands.

Step 2. Convince your friends to all wear the same colour clothes as you and create a secret sign or handshake. (Preferably a cool sign or handshake)

Step 3. Give each other cool nicknames and spray paint then on your clothes along with your gang name.

Step 4. Start walking around your neighbourhood.

*Don't smile

Step 5. Holler at an occasional girl walking by. (By holler i mean shout compliments) example: "Why hello miss you are looking quite good today"

Step 6. As people begin to notice your gang invite them to join. The more the merrier!

Step 7. In order to create funds for your gang create some sort of entrepreneurial street sales business. Example: Bake sale outside your house ... perhaps lemonade and cookies.

Step 8. After you have made money from your business make sure to carrier your entire net worth in your wallet and pockets.
*If possible let everyone you see know how rich and cool you are

Step 9. Congratulations you now have your own street gang!

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