Monday, 16 November 2009

ID cards good for getting you into a bar so you can binge drink, also don't binge drink says Home Office Minister!

Jeebus Titty Fucking Christ almighty on a fucking flying motorbike jumping a line of double deckers!

Young people should take up identity cards as a "convenient" way of proving their age in nightclubs and bars, a Home Office minister has said.

Setting aside that anyone 18 can get a driving licence (at least provisional) a prove your age card or a passport to prove to a suspicious landlord that they are indeed 18 before they indulge in financial ruin for having the temerity to drink outside the confines of their own living room. It is current government policy that anyone who goes out for a night out is a raging anarchist criminal paedophile granny basher of the highest order! Why the fuck would some gullible 18 year old shell out 30 notes for one of these things and then spend the next few years getting it in the neck from the provider for using it?


also, and this is best thing about the whole soppy wankathon,

'gangs are setting up fake-ID factories using printers bought at high street shops. The Met has shut at least 20 “factories” in the last 18 months and believes more than 30,000 fake identities are in circulation.

Police examined 12,000 of them and established they were behind a racket worth £14 million.

One £750 printer was withdrawn from sale at PC World after detectives revealed it could produce replicas of the proposed new ID card and EU driving licences.'

Genius, the fucking ID card can be knocked up on a home printer for £750. Flog them to 100 of your classmates at £10 a go and you are laughing!

Fucking useless wonk fucks! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!

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