Thursday, 5 November 2009

Nadine Dorries, postergirl for why MPs really are as fucking thick as you think they are

From the Times

Nadine Dorries, the Tory MP for Mid Bedfordshire, said she would be affected by both the ban on employing relatives and, possibly, the proposed ban on second homes for those with constituencies within commuting distance of Westminster. “Last night we left my office at 10.30pm and I arrived at my front door at 12.50am,” she said. She expressed concerns for new MPs “leaving their family behind, staying in one-bedroom flats”.

Setting aside the Tory Party's walking landmine trying to paint the lives of thieving, fucking scumbag, can't keep a promise, can't be trusted not to defraud the taxpayer MPs as some sort of Greek Tragedy, where they might have to spend a few days away from their families, unlike of course the real world where everyone works 9-5 and never has to work away and of course where everyone has the benefit of 82 days summer holiday too.

Dorries of course designated her family home, in her constituency, which she spends almost all her time, bar the odd weekend or holiday which she spends at some secret home in the Cottswolds, as her second home. Although granted she did launch a mad cap rant at the Telegraph which made next to no sense but seemed to exonerate her random hotel claiming from Christmas and for minibars.

In a further display which does nothing to help the cause of blondes the world over she has stuck her poor 22 year old graduate daughter on the taxpayer benefits gravy train the is the expenses system on an estimated £28,000 because she apparently can't find a real job in the real economy. This act of genius comes despite rumblings that family members will be disallowed as employees, possibly on the insane premise that parliament is not supposed to be a family business or that members should retain at least some link to the real world (granted Dorries and her ilk don't seem to like the real world very much).

Heaven for fend that MPs should have to live like the rest of us fucking chumps!

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