Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Women can’t live with them, can’t get away with drowning them in a canal

Women. Nature’s (being a woman) cruellest prank. I burn Pandas to heat my flat just to get back at the bitch. Oh yeah it was fine when it was all forest fires, floods, earthquakes and general apocalyptic terror raining down on the heads of man but now she’s on the ropes it’s all “ooh better not use oil, dress in hemp, do a balance to appease the hippies!”. Not fucking likely.

Anywhose the point, as brought shockingly home today from the woes another poor chum taken for a ride by these flapping harpies is that women are once again evil. Poor old Gloom. 5 dates (at his expense) and she dumps him for imaginary paediatrician ex boyfriend. He didn’t even get a squeeze of some norks.

(Partly of course this is his fault for not stuffing her in a sack on day one and locking her in his basement as is proper.)

Thus the eternal question, answer on a postcard to Fortress Sumo, is what do we do about women !

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