Monday, 12 October 2009

You madam are some Bad Candy!

I am often asked "Sumo, what the fuck do you mean when you say "You madam are some bad candy", I know you, you fat bastard it's got to be an insult!" which is usually followed by much explaining and scribbling on a chart as I attempt to make the feeble lady brain comprehend that it is in fact as close to giving them a compliment as I can get.

And people wonder why I hate women, shove them inna sack and subject them to terrible debuched tortures in my basement until I get bored. Go figure.

Anywhose, on the assumption that 'A Picture tells a thousand words' I have kicked off a new series to go with the awesome tits and From the Lady Sack (patent pending) series called, inventively enough You madam are some Bad Candy!

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